Through our collaborative work process, we develop several pieces of valuable research and Concept of Operations (CONOPS), which generate knowledge and literature about the operation of eVTOLs and the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem in which they will operate in the future. Find some of them below and learn more about the projects and ideas that we are working on.

Jeju Island CONOPSNovember, 2023

Eve Air Mobility and Jeju Air, the first and largest South Korean low-cost airline, collaborated to produce a concept of operations for eVTOL flights on Jeju Island.

Preparing Miami-Dade for Electric Urban Air Mobility - Phase 2April, 2023

As cities grow, urban travel will likely become more complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. Governments and communities worldwide are searching for innovative ideas that can sustainably simplify urban mobility. In early 2022, we published the Miami-Dade Air Mobility Blueprint, now we are pleased to introduce the second phase of these studies.

United Kingdom CONOPSMarch, 2022

The UAM Concept of Operation for London outlines the potential ways eVTOLs can be safely integrated into one of the world's most complex air traffic systems. It also highlights the economic and welfare benefits it will bring to the local community.

Miami-Dade CONOPSMarch, 2022

Affordable, zero-emission urban flights will soon be a reality for the Miami-Dade community. The Miami-Dade CONOPS introduces stakeholders in this region to the passenger and eVTOL journey with electric UAM. It also highlights the potential community benefits from this new mode of transport.

United Kingdom Community BenefitsJune, 2022

Listening to community concerns and delivering significant benefits will be fundamental for the growth of UAM. Passengers in the UK will count on eVTOL as a new transport mode beginning in 2026, bringing more efficient and sustainable mobility options to the region. Discover the benefits that UAM may bring to the UK community.

Rio de Janeiro CONOPSMay, 2022

In just a few years, UAM will be a reality in Rio de Janeiro. One of the most densely populated cities in Brazil and a worldwide admired tourist destination, Rio will reap numerous economic and social benefits with the introduction of eVTOL operations.