Urban ATM

Urban Air Traffic Management - Urban ATM

Eve is leveraging decades of experience in developing the trusted air traffic management (ATM) systems that keep our skies safe today to bring this vision to reality.

Our solutions will advance the Urban Air Traffic Management concept (Urban ATM), serving as a key enabler to the implementation and scalability of urban air mobility (UAM) through services for Air navigation service providers, Urban authorities, Fleet operators, Vertiport operators, and other UAM Stakeholders.

From before take-off to after landing, the urban environment will count on the integrated systems, services and technologies being developed by Eve to enable the safe, efficient and predictable ecosystem to support eVTOL operations alongside many other airspace users. In the future, the advancement of infrastructure and regulation will rely on these network management services to enable autonomous flight, with no pilot on board.

UAM Flight

Fleet Operator

Maximizes efficiency for UAM flight operations

Vertiport Automation
Airside Support

Vertiport Operator

Coordintes resource availability with
multiple operators

Airspace & Flow


Optimizes airspace use & network management


Urban Authority

Ensures environmental compliance obligations are met

Urban ATM Solutions Advantages


Integrated low-level airspace control ensures maximum safety and prevents accidents.


Harmonizing low-level airspace and ensuring equitable access.


Creating Urban ATM services that evolve with technology.


Designing airspace, procedures and services that optimize flow.