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Eve’s Services team is developing a complete portfolio to provide the best solutions for each operation and ecosystem in a personalized way, adding OEM knowledge and expertise and taking advantage of Embraer's footprint and legacy. Eve envisions a more robust UAM, closer to customers through strong partnerships, global strategy and network/local presence.

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Integrated solutions

Our integrated solutions include all aspects of the eVTOL efficient operation, from the entry into service (EIS) to the Fastest Return to Service, designed from end to end to provide the highest aircraft availability and the best profitability for the operation.

MRO Services

Line and Heavy Maintenance | Mobile Rescue Team | Repair and Overhaul
Network of service providers qualified to perform all maintenance services levels according to customer's needs, supported by our technical and engineering team, integrated data, and a decentralized business model to assure availability and fast response.

Material Solutions

Materials Planning | Logistic Solutions | Repair Management
We are structuring Eve's Material Services Strategy to support operations based on a global network strategy with a solid local presence to increase aircraft efficiency and availability.

Training Services

Pilots | Mechanics | Devices
A new concept of pilots and mechanics training solutions will provide affordable and customized training services through a strong footprint and the most advanced technologies.

Ground Handling

Passenger Support | eVTOL Charging and Servicing | Vertiport Ramp Management
We work to optimize partners' operations, developing best-in-class solutions. Our knowledge will ensure strict safety standards for maximum eVTOL performance and ground services efficiency.

Technical Services

Engineering Services | Tech Pubs | eVTOL Performance Enhancements
The technical expertise from the aircraft manufacturer supporting the urban air mobility operation with technical publications, engineering analysis and performance enhancements development.

Battery & Energy Solutions

Replacement & Logistics | Disposal & Recycling | Battery Rental
Predictability, simplicity and cost reduction are the core of our Battery Services, focusing on high aircraft availability (RTS), operational optimization and fast technological evolution.