Operations Solutions

Optimizing partner operations

Eve is fostering a collaborative ecosystem development, building its Operations Solutions business with partners to deliver affordable, accessible and trustworthy solutions connecting people to the right places.

Eve is working with established operators of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, ridesharing platforms, and other future eVTOL operators. Our goal is to develop a suite of solutions that will enable our customers to focus on their core service while helping them to maximize their operational efficiency and entry into service.

Network Strategy

Network Optimization and Management | Fleet Management | Crew Management
Consultancy service to develop an efficient and optimum urban network, considering market demand and operational environment. Adding optimization of fleet and crew usage

Flight Ops Solution

Ops Manuals | Ops Digital Solutions
Optimize partners operations, developing best in class solutions. Our knowledge will ensure exacting safety standards for maximum eVTOL performance and energy usage efficiency. Digital solutions to optimize the eVTOL operation will be a primary focus.

Entry Into Service
and Ops Consultancy

Pilots Service | Infrastructure
Fly beyond with Eve’s pilot instructors that will support our partners during acceptance flight, enroute supervision and development of an efficient flight operations standard. Benefits from Eve’s knowledge and partnership in the infrastructure field.

Data Management

eVTOL Health Monitoring | Maintenance Optimization | Flight Ops Analysis
The smart use of data integration allows us to enhance eVTOL performance, operational efficiency and passenger experience constantly. Our data solutions guarantee the right data for the right objectives, assuring predictability and security.