Meet Eve

Reimagine human connections by creating safe, sustainable and accessible mobility experiences

For us, mobility is not just about routes, solutions or infrastructure. It's about people. We think of mobility as the key to making life more fluid and cities friendlier. We can reduce distances, but also increase the quality of time for everyone. All of this in a practical, accessible and smart way.

Our goal is not only to lead the evolution of mobility, but to help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable air ride while giving you access to the sky like never before. We believe that helping people get where they need to be quicker and more efficiently changes everything. By connecting our engineering and technology expertise with a human-centered design approach, we are creating new and more enjoyable ways of getting from point A to point B. Our goal is to replace the stress of sitting in traffic on the ground with quick and efficient travel in the air -- for everyone. Put simply, Eve is working to transform the way you can commute and travel.

With a passion for innovation, a focus on people and a collaborative mindset, we have re-imagined the possibilities of mobility to enable what matters: human connection. And we do it in a safe and sustainable way for everyone, everywhere.

Eve’s history

Eve began in 2017 as a project within Embraer-X, a unique market accelerator inside Embraer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft. Created to find disruptive opportunities for exponential growth opportunities, the idea of urban air mobility was conceived with the goal of delivering a seamless end-to-end experience to improve the mobility of people in cities around the world.

Embraer-X allowed us the freedom to access the potential of the brand-new market, develop and test various business models and engage with collaborators from across the ecosystem. It was during this chapter of our development that we made key decisions regarding our business plan, including:

  1. The design choice of our aircraft,
  2. Our collaborative approach to operations solutions, and
  3. Our recognition of the importance of not just creating an innovative new vehicle, but developing a portfolio of products and services, operations solutions and air traffic management capabilities.

Our core principles guide the team at Eve and include:

  1. A focus on true urban mobility, where we can provide society with another choice of mobility to avoid the burdens of traffic congestion,
  2. A focus on democratizing the benefits of air mobility so that passengers from all walks of life can access affordable, safe and accessible transportation, and
  3. A passion for transforming aviation into a green industry by embracing electrification and putting sustainability at the heart of our activities.



Eve emerges as an innovation project within Embraer-X, a unique business accelerator within Embraer, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.



Eve is the first project to graduate from Embraer-X and become a standalone company.


Merger with Zanite

Announcement of Eve's merger with Zanite Acquisition Corp, an investment company focused on emerging technologies.



On May 10, 2022, Eve goes public with an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company’s common stock and warrants are traded under the ticker symbols “EVEX” and “EVEXW”, respectively.

Meet Our Team

Our team has been shaped along Eve's development journey and today is made up of an all-star group of executives, employees and board members with significant aviation experience. Check out our organizational chart below and, clicking on the name of each, see a brief biography.