Meet our eVTOL

Our eVTOL is 100% electric and its human-centered design ensures the safety, accessibility and comfort of passengers, the pilot and the community by minimizing noise. It will be piloted at launch but ready for uncrewed operations in the future.

Its development prioritizes the most appropriate characteristics to be the right vehicle for a variety of urban mobility missions. Among the most attention-grabbing features are its eight rotors. The reason for this is simple and fundamental: safety. Multiple rotors make our eVTOL more robust and capable of handling a variety of conditions.

Another important performance feature of the vehicle is its lift + cruise configuration: the aircraft has dedicated rotors for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no components required to change position during flight.

Combining conventional fixed wings with rotors and pushers allows a practical and intuitive lift + cruise design, which favors safety, efficiency, reliability, and certifiability. With a range of 60 miles (100 km), our eVTOL offers a sustainable commute and reduced noise footprint, with substantial noise reduction during cruise.

Design drivers

Simple and intuitive

Smart use of technology
and reliable solutions

Design for all

Universal cabin with easy
access for everyone

A bridge to the future

Ready for future
uncrewed operation

Peace of mind

5th generation award-winning
fly-by-wire system

Community friendly

100% electric with low
noise footprint

Flexible Seating Capacity

4 passengers at EIS with up to 6 in uncrewed configurations

High Utilization Rate

Designed for thousands of flight cycles per year with industry-leading reliability

Lift + Cruise Design

Overhead wings with distributed rotors and rear propellers

Community Friendly

Up to 90% lower noise footprint compared to equivalent helicopters

Tailored for Urban Mobility

60 mile (100 km) range at EIS addresses 99% of UAM missions

Unmatched Cost Efficiency

Over 6x lower cost-per-seat than helicopters and best in class for eVTOLs

100% electric

Zero local carbon

Full life-cycle
design approach

Up to 80% CO2
emissions reduction
versus cars

Carbon neutrality
achievable with
minimum cost

A spacious and comfortable cabin

Eve's eVTOL carries four passengers plus the pilot, and when the uncrewed flight is certified, it will take up to six passengers. In addition, each passenger will be able to carry a standard carry-on bag, the same size and type accepted by airlines. Our aircraft is also prepared to accommodate folded wheelchairs.

Our design team works continuously to improve the
passenger experience, providing maximum comfort
and trending new technologies.

Design under development, the final product may differ from the image above.

Cross-section showing the interior of our eVTOL cabin mock-up, produced
with sustainably sourced materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Design under development, the final product may differ from the image above.


Use the app below and interact with the features of our eVTOL.

You can interact with Eve's eVTOL using our Augmented Reality app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


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