eVTOL Report

Our eVTOL is on the way.

Eve Air Mobility's team is producing its first full-scale, non-conforming prototype and we are thrilled to share our progress.
Stay tuned to this page for the latest information.

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Luiz Valentini, our Chief Technology Officer, shares in this video more information about the design and configuration of our eVTOL to favor safety, efficiency and reliability. Check it out.

JUNE 2024

we're on time

Our team, comprised of almost 1,000 people,
is committed to deliver the most efficient eVTOL. In this video, our VP of Program Management and Operations, Alice Altissimo, tells the latest news about the aircraft’s development schedule.


Watch the Teaser Video of our first eVTOL

Watch the Teaser Video of our first eVTOL

MAY 2024

Production of the aircraft
at its facility in Brazil.

Reimagining mobility and advancing the world’s transition to sustainable flight.


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“We are making great progress on the
assembly of our first eVTOL prototype
and we are on schedule to complete
production and begin flying.”

Johann Bordais, CEO

Eve’s eVTOL aircraft utilizes eight dedicated propellers for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no change in the position of these components during flight.

The latest concept includes an electric pusher powered by dual electric motors that provide propulsion redundancy with the goal of ensuring the highest levels of performance and safety.

Customers will benefit from having access to an already established global network of service and support locations, critical to ensuring reliable, safe and efficient operations.

Long-Term Supply Agreements Established


Our production facility will be located in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.


Eve has letters of intent for nearly 3,000 eVTOLs and the aircraft is expected to enter into service in 2026.